The Differences Between LCD and DLP Projectors.

There are two very common kinds of projectors: DLP which is digital light processing and LCD which means liquid crystal display.

LCD and DLP Projectors


LCD projectors harness polarised mirrors that reflect and pass certain colours of light. This creates each channel of blue, green and red to become separated and later re-combining via a prism after passing through the LCD panel that has control over the saturation and intensity of each individual colour.


DLP is the commercial name of a display technology from Texas Instruments or TI. These projectors can be classed as one chip or three chip. Each of these chips can house millions of mirrors that will reflect light thousands of times a second. One chip DLPs will create up to 16 million colours, whereas three chip versions can create more than 35 trillion colours. This enables DLP projectors to reproduce more life-like and natural images. The distance of each mirror within the chip makes it hard to see any spaces separating the pixels, which in turn creates a more fluid, clear image compared to LCD projectors.

Factors to take into consideration:

Dust Blobs

DLP projectors have a sealed light path, meaning that dust cannot get into the projection system and end up on the DLP chip or any other surface in the light path.

LCD projectors are not sealed, and air will blow past the panels and dust can land on them. This can then cause a dust blob that can be very visible in dark scenes or pictures.

Motion Blur

Motion blur is the softening of the image whenever there is a lot of motion. This can be an issue with LCD projectors. When comparing side by side, a DLP projector will appear a lot sharper with more detail during a fast-moving clip.

Rainbow Effect

The rainbow effect is when bright objects on a dark background appear to have subtle trails of multi-coloured light. This mainly happens with single-chip DLP projectors.

So, Which Projector Do You Need?

Each company will have different needs and different budgets, so it is important to point out that both projectors types are great, so the decision is up to you.

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